The Shooting STAR…

wpid-shooting-starA Moment is Enough

He loved her (till now) and they were quite happy together. They both didn’t know yet that the next minute would change their life forever. It would mean so much that none of them would ever see each other’s face ever.

While he was on a call with his girlfriend , he saw a sudden spark in the sky. It did not take him long to understand that it was nothing else but a SHOOTING STAR.
What’s so special about this?
Well , Let me tell you that it changed their lives. It helped them make the best decision else wise he could have ever made. That moment was not to be compared…… everything was standstill at that instant.

As soon as he saw the shooting star he closed his eyes to make an instant wish. He made one. It wasn’t a second he realized what he wished actually.
The girl on call ( his so called girlfriend ) was supposed to be the one in his wishes. Before he could think of her , there was a thought which was not expected at that point of time. The desires which were buried deep inside his heart rose once again. He wished to be with a girl whose face was not new to him. He wished for the girl who was her everything sometime, her First Love.

As soon as he realized that he still wants to be with his first love, he cuts the phone call. She called back . He didn’t pick up. It went on happening for a week.
Finally, he called her….. He asked her…. Do you Love me?
“Of course baby, why ? ” , she replied.
His tone was a bit low than usual….. He knew he has been fooling her and himself too till now. She’s not the one he want in his life, he just can not love her back ever.
He was not having the courage to tell her that he never actually loved her. The fact that it is happening all of a sudden was killing him every second. He did not wanted to hurt her but the reality would not change.

Finally the day came when he decided to tell her everything , heart-out .
No one knew that one shooting star would burn their lives. He explained her that he do not love her but she won’t listen. He asked her for forgiveness which he would never get. The girl smiled (tears in her eyes) and said  “It’s Okay … at least you told me everything.” and turned to leave.

He knew she was broken, he knew he has broken…. but the ends would not just meet. The pair of shoes did not match right somehow.
The Girl blessed him for his ‘last wish’ and a happy future life.
A relation turned into ashes into seconds. No one was happy though still it has to happen as if, it was meant to be.

The Girl promised him that she will never see his face again and would not let him to see hers too. They both were worse than enemies now (at least enemies interact).

He never got his first love not because she did not come but because he never asked her to be back in his life. He made someone else’s life hell…. so he made the same HELL for him too.

That one shooting star changed everything….. EVERYTHING.



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