Little Things

You never know, when and where you can prove a blessing to someone. There are little things which we never notice but can work wonders. For example, Learn to say, “I believe in you.” It’s possible that someone was just about to give up on their passion. They were forced to think that they were not…

F.R.I.EN.D.S = Chandler Bing

If I would have to write a letter to a 100 fictional characters, it would be CHANDLER BING, over and over again. Okay, give me the opportunity to first introduce him to all of you (stand this, friends lovers) Chandler Bing is a character of the all time famous TV series “FRIENDS”. This man you…

What’s it like to have an unrequited love?

You’ll never know the amount I have taken cover behind this word, Friend. My universe of dreams just had you, always. How might it be able to have another person ever, when you were the only thing I ever wished for?

My 15 School Classmates

School times are what we as a whole love to recall. Regardless of what is it about, it generally conveys back recollections which are unparalleled to some lovely parts of our pasts. Indeed, even the most noticeably awful of the gathering photos are apparently the best ones on the planet Earth now. The Class Photographs…

6 Reasons Why Engineer May Fail…

An Engineer’s life is full of ups and downs and they really don’t know a possible way to improve upon it, don’t know whether they really want to improve upon their conditions or not.

Engineering Ka Punchnama

Engineering……. sounds like the heaviest word on Earth. It’s undoubtedly true that an engineer is the only person who has all kinds of possible ‘Jugad’ in this world.

Happy Colors

Happy Holi to all , may the colors fill your life with happiness.

Are You Confused?

Get what you want…. You didn’t believe ? Well then surely this one is for you.

Will Waiting be WORTH??

All those times when you were all by yourself and no one was there with you…. to smile, to cry, to make you stand in this world. Is it worth to face for that one person who doesn’t even know you or claims it ? Will it be right to harm yourself, destroy your very own existence at the cost of something that has no existence for them ? Certainly NOT !

Tomorrow never comes… Really?

Have you ever given it a thought? Anyone of us ?
Have you ever thought what or how it would be like to wake up without a next day, to wake up in the same Day again and again ?
Can You imagine what a hell complex it would make in this world for us?


It would be welcome to my new , original , self blog. Pleaee come and let’s have a sweet and memorable time blogging.