About Me


Since you’re reading this, I’m sure one of my posts have landed you over here. I’ll ensure you don’t regret it.

About Me:

  • An Engineer (If Only I Pass All Semesters)
  • Love My Life, Foody, Talkative
  • My Belief
    Wait till the best arrives” 
  • If you want to know me as a person:
    Facebook Profile 
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My Field Of Interests

You may stay if any of the following mentioned categories interests you.

  1. Cooked-up Short Stories
  2. Deep feelings molded in words (my personal favorite)
  3. Indian Government & Policies
  4. Love & Life
  5. Engineering (Colleges, Placements, Career Counselling)
  6. Educational and Motivational Tips
  7. Personal Message Interaction Sessions (7:30–9:00 PM)
  8. Inbox Me to make a Guest Post on my Blog

If you press FOLLOW, I’ll make sure you won’t need to press it again.

Love Me.

Thank You For Getting Bored, You May Leave Now. 😁😊

At the end of the day, it’s just me.
Saurav Singh Rathore


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