First Love…?

I know things were not good between us. Not as good as they used to be initially. I know it’s long since we stopped talking but that won’t any way fade my love for you. It won’t faint a single piece of memory we made together. I have it all intact.


Scary stories you never heard (Two Liners)

Thrillers you never ever heard or thought of

What’s it like to have an unrequited love?

You’ll never know the amount I have taken cover behind this word, Friend. My universe of dreams just had you, always. How might it be able to have another person ever, when you were the only thing I ever wished for?

My Best Internship

OverView: Life has never been simple for us, in the event that it was, it wouldn’t have been worth living for. *Long ago, about 23 years ago (On Earth’s calendar) *Day 774 (Before Internship started) I was sitting discreetly at a place not so well known, but rather sufficiently alone to hear myself. As I…

Are You Confused?

Get what you want…. You didn’t believe ? Well then surely this one is for you.

Will Waiting be WORTH??

All those times when you were all by yourself and no one was there with you…. to smile, to cry, to make you stand in this world. Is it worth to face for that one person who doesn’t even know you or claims it ? Will it be right to harm yourself, destroy your very own existence at the cost of something that has no existence for them ? Certainly NOT !

Tomorrow never comes… Really?

Have you ever given it a thought? Anyone of us ?
Have you ever thought what or how it would be like to wake up without a next day, to wake up in the same Day again and again ?
Can You imagine what a hell complex it would make in this world for us?


It would be welcome to my new , original , self blog. Pleaee come and let’s have a sweet and memorable time blogging.

Loneliness Strikes Strong…

Here I walk on the lonely road which has no ends, maybe. You never knew you would be such lonely in a second when everything was like , perfect OK…. 😇 Have you ever felt that you are surrounded by many people though no one can understand what you want  ?? Have you ever strongly desired…