Old School Days…

Every moment passing by makes me remember of  those glittering smiles , innocent faces and teacher’s scoldings ….

Days were short and Nights were long

The will to go to School , to be back with friends… It made us all real nerds.

IMG_20140608_163727 copy.jpg

The scoldings of teachers were a part of our daily meals and the fact we use to enjoy them never fades away …..
The lunch box which used to be get finished miles before Lunch… Those sharings of food seems so sweet and innocent now. Each one of us were busy living our school lives without even giving a thought to rest of the world.
No matter what’s going on , school life was always FULL-ON MASTI. 

We never knew that this phase of life would be missed so much later on.
Every memory we made at that point of time became a legend for today and future.

Those bunking of classes , having pet names for teachers , recess time game, hobby classes fun and other infinite things we used to do that time are not to be compared with any thing else in this world.

That old school crush, doing all sorts of mischief for their attention and getting noticed in the whole school for any small thing.Those jokes which a friend was good in cracking still make us laugh on our toes.

Passing chits or comments in classes is most probably our common favorite. Those nicknames we gave to each of our friends are worldwide famous now….

That transition phase from high school to stream wise classes was our most emotional moment. We made new friends and promised our old ones to be always in touch… It was an epic which could never be repeated again,  ever…. what’s possible is to relive them all alone.

Class photograph has been a common interest for all of us right…
That urge to look good has remain a dream for each one of us. No matter how much we tried , we always ended up being a monkey in it. The best part was that when after a long time we stare at them and made fun of each one of us in that photograph.
It has been a phase of life which every child adores and would always remain the same because of innumerable reasons behind it…

Those freshers and farewell parties are the cream of the milk… those emotional moments are worth anything one could ever thin of.

As we have our busy lives now, we still have those school friends as our buddies and when these buddies meet agin they make sure they live each and every moment again…. that’s what school love is.
Stay happy , Stay Connected . 😊


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