Is it possible to ever move on a true love?

Somewhere deep inside you, you still want to say to them, “ Come Back, Even As A Shadow”….


Cute Eye Contact Love Story…

© Author: Saurav Singh Rathore 2017 We were about to meet, for the very first time, after an year or two of chatting and talking on phone calls. Yes, it was a long distance relationship which started on social medias and dragged itself for full two years, if I remember good. Since we were meeting…

Something That Money Can’t Buy!

I don’t know what hit me, and I offered her my Cornetto ice cream of which I had already taken a bite. She was more than happy to take it and left. I was happy somewhere inside me too.

What is the best thing you can say to a woman?

Don’t say I love you to her, don’t say that you won’t ever leave her. She doesn’t deserves this, not from you. Don’t say it when you don’t mean it. Under no conditions, praise her just for the heck of it. When you do, mean it more than you say. DO’S Tell her she was…

My 15 School Classmates

School times are what we as a whole love to recall. Regardless of what is it about, it generally conveys back recollections which are unparalleled to some lovely parts of our pasts. Indeed, even the most noticeably awful of the gathering photos are apparently the best ones on the planet Earth now. The Class Photographs…

Token of Love

The moment you came, I knew I wouldn’t let you go….

You Knew That

Admit it, you knew that. All that time when you were pulling the rope,  you knew it…. Telling and yelling at yourslef all the way…. You were very aware that you are not gonna get it. This would not end up on something very great,  still you went for it. It was like the only…

6 Reasons Why Engineer May Fail…

An Engineer’s life is full of ups and downs and they really don’t know a possible way to improve upon it, don’t know whether they really want to improve upon their conditions or not.

Happy Colors

Happy Holi to all , may the colors fill your life with happiness.

Are You Confused?

Get what you want…. You didn’t believe ? Well then surely this one is for you.