This Night is Long – 1

As I sit with my lappy on lap thinking about ‘n’ number of things simultaneously.
Don’t know what do I do with this Internet but somehow just can’t close the lid too.
With Mosquitoes guarding around me , it’s even more adorable and we are having a good time together because this night seems not so lonely with them.

Still, I wish It would have been much better if the call comes now.

It’s been an hour , I’ve been waiting for it now.

Actually, someone promised me to call. Believe me, that someone is really special for me and I would stop typing if it came right now to talk to her.
I guess now you understand the intensity.

The warm air coming from the laptop’s fan…. Yes, I can feel the warmth of it in this cold night. You should not be amazed to know that I’ve been sitting in my balcony all day not because I’ve no love with my room but because the eagerness just would not let me in. Even my lappy show Low Battery now.

The ’40 minutes remaining’ warning,  it reminds me of that moment in the past when we both had promised to each other that when our conversations on phones would reach a 40 minute, someone would have to cut the call.
Those funny things or I should call them wild things are still a part of my memory.

It’s all revolving in my head and the very thought of her call today excites me. Actually, it brings down chill deep inside me. I don’t know how would I react , I don’t know whether my throat would not choke before saying a word.
I would be going to listen her voice after a long time…. I mean after these long 4 years. We’ve been worse with each other since the last 5 years and I don’t know what made me message her “Happy New Year 2016 friend ”  today morning.

Well , I’m glad I did it. Though she replied that she was busy and would call me tonight.
Was She just averting me?
Is this just a trap in which I’m all set?
Does She really want to talk to me?

I’m just sick of all these thoughts and much more harassed with each and every random call or message on my cell from someone very unknown now….

…………………………………………….. To be Continued


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