What scares Indian men?

Over Hyped Feminists scares Indian Men. Yes, an Indian man is hell scared when it comes to take his stand over something, against a woman. Even though he is a right man, unfortunately, he can’t be proved one. The benefit of doubt has to go to a woman and that’s what haunts men. Even without…

And BJP wins UP and UK…

Much has been said and heard about the condition of BJP in Uttar Pradesh. Finally, the results are out and they didn’t surprise much, at least to some. For others these might be devastating but BJP and it’s supporters can not care less. BJP has done it again, and with a wide margin in a…

Something That Money Can’t Buy!

I don’t know what hit me, and I offered her my Cornetto ice cream of which I had already taken a bite. She was more than happy to take it and left. I was happy somewhere inside me too.

Should We Speak The Truth, Every time?

After all, it is understood that relationships are founded on “trust” which goes hand in hand with “truth”. Indeed, telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people. Always.

The Best Picks

He’s the king, what he fears is loss of his throne. If he survives, I get killed later to bury his top secret of priest’s assassination order from him.

Best Indian Jugaad

Indians are way out of anyone’s league. When it comes to our benefits, or the level of intelligence we show is not to be compared with any other individual of any other nation. Here are some damn cool Jugaads which you’ll find nowhere else but INDIA. 2 in 1 Lock Who needs 2 coolers when…

Review- DANGAL

The movie despite of it’s compelling funny side, never got off track of the serious gist. The message, the movie has to convey is very well reached out. I have to say, this is the movie of the year we were waiting for. The movie is Aamir Khan’s second biopic and certainly a successful one…

The best short story that touched my heart

He caressed her with love and asked, ” My angel, how is that only your candle is not lit?”

She replied, “Father, they often relight it but your tears always put it out again.”