Is it possible to ever move on a true love?

© Author: Saurav Singh Rathore 2017

No amount of arguments can deny this. It’s a fucking fact with which you have to live, every day, every single second.

But wait, some people might still argue that they’ve moved on and are happy in a new relationship. Well, you’re perfect for my next question then. Answer this.

  • What happens when your true love uploads a profile picture with his/her new crush?

Didn’t feel a thing? Ok, next.

  • What happens when you saw the two of them last evening in that Cafe? The same way you two used to be.

    Image result for dating

Still, nothing? I’ll get you in the next for sure.

  • What happens when you think about the first time you guys met? The time when s/he proposed you, confessed to you?
  • What happens when you see those love marks turning into scars?
  • What happens when you see them sad? No matter how much pain they gave you. No matter at what stage of life you both are right now. You feel bad for them too.

Don’t you?


Image result for dating

Well, if you don’t, then I’ll request you to stop calling them your true love.


It’s not possible to completely move on a true love. The memories are what will always stay. Sometimes, they haunt you and at other times they make you happy. But they are in you, forever.

One may get into a new relationship, might feel loved again, but the thought of that first person, the true love, never leaves you. It slowly fades away with time, but it never gets erased completely.

Somewhere deep inside you, you still want to say to them, “ Come Back, Even As A Shadow”.

I hope you were able to relate with any of that. If not, my bad.

© Author: Saurav Singh Rathore 2017

Note: This content is the sole property of the Author and any attempt to reproduce the same for any commercial purpose without prior intimation is bound to be punished.
The whole above post can be shared for entertainment purpose only.


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  1. Shivangi Singh says:

    Dude! you’ve nailed it! Firstly the thought itself is relatable. Second, the beauty of the choice of words and third, the awesome presentation. You have a bright future in writing. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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