What do guys look for in girls?

You never know what does a guy exactly sees in you, we all are different when it comes to our list. Anyway, there are some common parameters which we all crave for in girls. I’ll make it short and interesting. So, the checklist goes on like this:

  • Ms. Popular

Yes, she should be popular amongst her friends, and boys (mostly). A boy will always look for a girl who’s famous. I mean which can make him famous indirectly.

  • Beautiful Of course

She should be beautiful and if not Jacqueline Fernandez (my personal favorite) then Deepika surely.

  • Cuteness is Important

She should be cute not just in looking but talking, she should be adorable.

  • Maturity is Beautiful

A woman with intellects is most beautiful and her personality is what everyone will love instantly.

  • Attitude is Divine (in right way)

An attitude in a woman speaks louder than her voice and makes her undeniably the most wanted one. It’s the most precious jewel a woman possess.

  • Should Be Humble (when needed)

While nearly all the women are humble but yet some are not and that’s what makes them undesirable at times.

  • Ms. Foody

She should love eating and shouldn’t be shy about the fact. She should not care about her weight and eat what she likes to.

Boys get attracted to these easily and are vulnerable to have a crush on you if you played them right.


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