F.R.I.EN.D.S = Chandler Bing

If I would have to write a letter to a 100 fictional characters, it would be CHANDLER BING, over and over again.

Okay, give me the opportunity to first introduce him to all of you (stand this, friends lovers)

Chandler Bing is a character of the all time famous TV series “FRIENDS”.

This man you are seeing right above is not as decent as he might seem to be. He’s a monster, a freaking goddman monster. I don’t know how many times I’ve just watched his part and laughed till I passed out. He’s an ultimate in his thing.

So, Mr Chandler Bing (Bing-O-Ling) I just want to ask you that from where have you got this sarcastic nature of yours. I mean I’m so in an awe of you. I just can’t help myself but pass sarcastic remarks on people and yet never even come close to you. I’ve been so obsessed with you.

I guess, you’ve got your wits genetically inherited or something like that because you do it so well. Otherwise, Gum would have never been a perfection (Jill Goodacre)

The worst part is, you maintain your irritating sarcastic nature all throughout and yet turn out to be the most sensible and romantic guy on this Earth. I mean, do you really exist?

It’s you who made me learn this world in such a dramatic yet perfect way. I’ve tried to copy you every damn time and made out a fool of myself. No, not because you’re so bad but because I’m such a bad copy cat.

Could you please teach me all of your qualities because I really want them in me. I want to be so perfect, like you. I want a Monica, I want that charm of you in me. Will you do that for me?

You’ve always rocked, all the 10 Seasons and not to hurt others but I sustained throughout just because of you.

It maybe that ATM VESTIBULE, or You hitting on Rachel, or You and Phoebe, or Your and Joey’s bestest combination. You’ve always been an epic.

You know which one was your best part?

NO, not the sarcasm part, not even the dumb you. It was the romantic and sensible you.

The way you proposed Monica, the way you two used to be with each other, it was all so adoring. And when you guys decide to adopt the baby and you’ve to convince the actual mother for her baby. The words which came out of your mouth. They were diamonds. That moment was ecastasy and you were  ecstatic.

I wish you ever come to know that there’s a fan of you who so badly is in an awe of everything related to you.

You’ll always be my Bing-O-Ling, because that’s what suits you. Lol.

Yours Fan


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