The Best Eye Contact Love Story…

© Author: Saurav Singh Rathore 2017

We were about to meet, for the very first time, after a year or two of chatting and talking on phone calls. Yes, it was a long distance relationship which started on social media and dragged itself for full two years, if I remember good.

Since we were meeting for the first time, till now we both have fantasized each other way too much and were having high expectations (thank god).


Do anyone know what happens when expectations meet expectations?


Yes, we met in an KFC and all we did was stare our Cold Coffees until we sipped the last drop left on Earth. As we had nothing more to drink, we started talking, while constantly staring our phone’s screens, as if suddenly it’s popped up with our marriage’s notifications.

The KFC was quite busy that eve and Valentine’s week would be the possible reason. Okay, so back on us, things were moving now. We shared a temporary stare and again into our screens and alterations. This went on for another hour and now we were hungry and thirsty.

This time we looked at each other and decided to order some more snacks. But then, she had an idea. I’m so glad she did have it. She suggested, that the bill will be on the person who loses a game that we’re going to play.

I know many of you’ve played this game many a time with many different people but then it happened to me on this. It happened with the game Blink. Yes, Blink the eye game.

In the slight chilly February weather, a busy KFC, a light romantic background music, we were all set to play the blink. Things could not be better.

“Start”, she shouted.

The rule of the game was simple, the one who blinks first, loses.


For the first time in the 3 hours of us together, I noticed that she was having a ponytail which was looking as sweet as her voice sounds. For the first time, I noticed that she was nothing like her pictures on Facebook and Insta. She was so much more than that, she was hell beautiful. I don’t understand why was she even talking to an ugly head like me.

It was 2 minutes now, and no one was ready to blink. She was looking constantly in my eyes as if searching for enlightenment. She was making things worse for me with that cute smile on her face. She was winking now, and I like a fool was completely falling for her.

I was shy but a reader too. I decided to read her now. Her black eyeliner made her already beautiful eyes look even better, a sharp touch up. I noticed every detail and there was no way I was losing this. I just couldn’t get enough of her. She was already killing it.

Her sharp nose, her red cheeks, her black, deep eyes, her well-applied makeup (if any), her silver earrings, her little juvenile ears, her sweet little red lips, her dimples, her face, her aura. It was all a jumbo combo pack in a single person. It was a complete heaven for a human like me, who would never see something so gorgeous like this ever again.


The next thing I remember is, her lips were moving in slow motion. After 10 seconds, her voice reached my ears and it was only then I knew that she was constantly shouting at me for the last 2 minutes. Of course to eat the snacks.

Not to mention, the game lasted for full 12 minutes and my dreamy stare continued for another 10. Yes, it was exactly as they show in movies. It was then when I came back to my senses only to start avoiding her stare, again. I knew I had made a fool of myself. Man, I was hell embarrassed, and now she was constantly giggling and chuckling over my red face. Her perfect smile with a touch of blush. Ohh that was true.

How do I tell you, how cute and adorable her smile was at this time, but all I could do was stare at my shoes and die of embarrassment. I only wish I could drown in that coffee. She understood my situation and now she was laughing at the top of her voice. The couple sitting next to us shared nasty stares to which she didn’t give a damn.


Well, to break the Ice, she said,

“ I lost but I would love to play this game again with you. Maybe this is not the right place (winks). How about my place? ”

She winked at me this time, and I can always figure out that it was a naughty one. It meant, I passed the first date.

I replied, ” That would be perfect”.

P.S. She paid the bill that evening. She paid the bill for the same game a year later too. In case you know what I mean.

© Author: Saurav Singh Rathore 2017

Note: This content is the sole property of the author and any attempt to reproduce the same for any commercial purpose without prior intimation is bound to be punished.
The whole above post can be shared for entertainment purpose only.


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