What scares Indian men?

Over Hyped Feminists scares Indian Men.

Yes, an Indian man is hell scared when it comes to take his stand over something, against a woman. Even though he is a right man, unfortunately, he can’t be proved one.

The benefit of doubt has to go to a woman and that’s what haunts men. Even without listening to a man’s part of the reality, the Indian justice system would believe a women’s part of it, not to mention, what the media would do to get their fake (sympathetic) TRPs.

The man would be humiliated till the level he never could have imagined, and the rest is just a shameful plot. Yes, he thought that he was right at his place and is that such a big fault? Really?

I mean what if two women are arguing with each other for their stand? They can’t blame each other for molestation or rape or God knows what, but a man can certainly be the victim.

The guy whom these fake women are falsely accusing of severe crimes will die of peer shame, without even getting a chance to prove himself right. Let’s not even talk about his family members, his mother, his sister. I wish they believe him over your fake tears.

My answer no way implies that I’m talking about every woman, but yes about some, the one’s who actually do it. I’m talking about those women who take undue advantage of being a woman and accuse men of fake allegations, just because they know they would easily convince a crowd of 10 with their fake tears.

Please, stop it.


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