And BJP wins UP and UK…

Much has been said and heard about the condition of BJP in Uttar Pradesh. Finally, the results are out and they didn’t surprise much, at least to some. For others these might be devastating but BJP and it’s supporters can not care less.

BJP has done it again, and with a wide margin in a state which has always been run by a government on the agenda of grabbing a particular caste’s votes in the elections. These results have shown once again, that the country is improving and it’s improving for the good. People are looking ahead for some real progress of the country and so do the UP Election 2017 results showcase.

Many great Economists, Politicians predicted that the Demonetization move of the BJP led central government will not only harm the economy of the country but also it would destroy BJP’s image in the UP which will directly effect the Election results. well, tell you what, it did change things for BJP, but only for the better.

BJP is a government which didn’t fear the results of its demonetization move that too at such proximity of UP Elections 2017 and so were the results of it. BJP has performed better if not best in every aspect than all the other parties in India and no one can deny that. Those who do, are either still living in an oblivion or they don’t want to accept this, god knows why.

It’s time for BJP to show the worth of it’s UP supporters belief of what they confided in.

Hope for the best result after years of Ms. Mayawati and Mr. Yadav’s reign.


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