Something That Money Can’t Buy!

It was a hot day and I was heading towards IIT KGP from the KGP railway station. In one hand I had my baggage and in the other a Cornetto ice cream.

As I was busy finding a taxi, a small girl around 10 years came to me asking for some money to eat. Since this is nothing new in India, I moved forward without even looking at her.

She again came to me saying the same thing, and this time I furiously turned my face to look at her. I couldn’t help myself but wanted to help her. I took out my wallet and it turns out that I don’t have anything less than a 500 Rs note, credit to demonetization.

I don’t know what hit me, and I offered her my Cornetto ice cream of which I had already taken a bite. She was more than happy to take it and left. I was happy somewhere inside me too.

Till now I found a taxi and as I sat inside, my eyes got stuck on this invaluable view. It was heart melting for a stone like me.There was that 10-year-old girl who was watching her (maybe 5-year-old) younger brother eating that Cornetto ice cream.

The love of a sister and brother I witnessed that day couldn’t be bought at any price. They taught me something which no thick books can.


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