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You’re in a room with a king, a rich man, and a priest. Each orders you to kill the other two, and you’re the only one with a weapon. Who will you listen to and why?


  1. A Room. A king. A Rich Man. A Priest.
  2. Myself the weapon holder.
  3. An order to kill any two.


  1. The priest lives
  2. The king lives
  3. The rich lives


  1. I’ll surely kill two (at least).
  2. I’ll kill in the order I want to.
  3. I’ll play this believing, I’m a soldier in this war.

Play Begins:

  • Case I (Priest Lives)

If he were a priest for real, he wouldn’t have ordered me to kill the other two. He’s the biggest cheater.

  • Case II (King Lives)

He’s the king, what he fears is loss of his throne. If he survives, I get killed later to bury his top secret of priest’s assassination order from him.

  • Case III (Rich Lives)

He’s rich. Before sparing him, I make a deal with him over all his wealth. He’ll be more than happy to get back his life. He’ll be thankful to me forever.


I don’t trust either the king or the priest. I’m getting to death anyways, killing any of them.

I’ll leave the rich and all I get is money, not a sign of suspicion.


From the analysis above going in my head, as the three orders me to kill the rest two, I make up my mind.

I’ll do the needful in 3 steps:

  1. I pick up my weapon, and with one swift clears the king’s head.
  2. I look at the rich, make the deal, and slit the priest’s throat.
  3. If the rich seems a threat (I’ll do justice in reading his face), I’m the weapon holder and I’ll feel no more guilt to murder 3 than 2.


Believe me, money would make me content, not an empire which will eventually some day turn back on me as I did to their king, or priest.


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