Best Indian Jugaad

Indians are way out of anyone’s league. When it comes to our benefits, or the level of intelligence we show is not to be compared with any other individual of any other nation.
Here are some damn cool Jugaads which you’ll find nowhere else but INDIA.

  • 2 in 1 Lock
  • Who needs 2 coolers when you have 1 Pants?
  • Who says I don’t brush my teeth?
  • Security guard of the year
  • Mechanical Engineers always have their way out
  • Seat No.? It’s G-2 Seat No. 7
  • Who needs a coil stand? We are Indians dude.
  • Motor in morning, Laundry Delivery in evening
  • Life Jackets? Not my sort!
  • Made In India
  • Selfie Sticks? Chutiya samjhe ho ka?
  • My son said, he doesn’t like western toilets
  • Busy schedule, can’t help it.
  • I guess, Active Mode was not sufficient.
  • Because, the Crowd wants it rough.

I’m sure you liked them.


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