Review- DANGAL

The movie despite of it’s compelling funny side, never got off track of the serious gist. The message, the movie has to convey is very well reached out. I have to say, this is the movie of the year we were waiting for.

The movie is Aamir Khan’s second biopic and certainly a successful one too.

I would rate the movie 4.5 out of 5. It’s a thumbs up for readers to watch.


The story revolves around the central character of Mahavir Singh Phogat who was once himself a National Level wrestler.

He could not pursue wrestling any longer due to his financial status.
Being a national player too, he had to quit wrestling. His dream of getting a Gold Medal for his country still remained alive, burning in his heart.

The movie tries to convey a very important message about the present condition of sports in the country.

Mahavir Singh Phogat starred as Aamir Khan, plans to live his dream through his child (boy child). As we know, the world is not a wish-granting factory, he was blessed with daughters, consecutively for 4 times.

Aamir Khan decides to leave his craving for a boy child and thought his dream would die with himself, unrequited.

One fine day, he decided to teach his daughters Gita and Babita what he had learnt in wrestling and make a new history in his village. Initially, he is ashamed of the act but as his training started to show colors, so did the confidence of Mahavir and the villagers.

Gita reached National Sports Academy (NSA) Patiala after becoming a national player to get further training, for the international matches.

The movie takes an emotional turn from this point and the viewers are going to love it. Gita is slightly misguided and underestimates her father’s training over the new techniques she learnt in NSA.
Later, Babita (younger sister) too qualifies for the NSA Patiala and she reminds Gita of their father’s sacrifices to make them what they were today.

The Best Moments?

I don’t want to give more spoilers here, but all I’ll say is that the movie is the best you would have watched in this year 2016.
A family movie, which certainly will tempt you to shed a tear.

For me, the best moment was when Gita Phogat scores a perfect 5 point move in the last second. It was phenomenal and the whole crowd ended up clapping and shouting cheerfully.

A must watch movie in the end of the year. The Bollywood year 2016 could not end better. The movie pays off your ticket price due to it’s awesome directorship, cinematography, and acting.

To conclude, it’s surely an awesome movie to watch with your friends or family. You’ll love it.


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