What is the best thing about having a younger sister?

Best thing? Sister?

There’s nothing like a best thing in having a Sister, that too if she’s younger to you. It’s a hell lot of crap you’ve to go through life-long.


  • Try asking her for water, and she’ll make you remember the last month you didn’t give her your mobile.
  • Try asking her to lend you some money, and she’ll make you remember this transaction life-long.
  • Try taking her things, and she’ll cry at the top of her voice till your mom and dad beats the elder brother out of you.


  • Try teasing or beating her (fights) and she’ll let know every single person on this Earth about your cruelty.
    Mom and Dad again beats you up.
  • Try making plans together and when they fail at last, you’re the only culprit in front of mom and dad and she’ll silently escape.


  • Try asking your mom some money and she’ll tell you how your sister has saved 200 rupees this month and she never asks for money. (I’m like, WTF)
  • Try asking your dad a new PlayStation, and he’ll tell you how your sister has topped the Unit Test and you’re still not passing.

The Worst


  • Try asking her for TV remote and she’ll make sure that your dad throws you out of the house, no matter how. (dad’s favorite)
  • Try threatening her anyway and she’ll tell you all that crap which could land you in great trouble if she told that to mom and dad. (you regret sharing secrets)
  • Try planning with your dad an outing and she’ll make sure that you stay in the house and she goes with daddy.

All combined, sisters (that too younger) makes your life difficult.
Still, I don’t know what I would have done if she were not there…. maybe difficult is what I love.


I love my sister and she means everything to me. Her smile is what makes my world complete. I wish I could live that childhood with her, again. I wish.


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