The best short story that touched my heart

A man and his only little daughter used to live together. One day his daughter became severely ill and no treatment seemed to work.

All the efforts of father proved fruitless and the child died. Broken, the father became recluse and shut himself away from everyone refusing any activity.

One night he had a dream wherein he was in heaven witnessing a grand pageant of all little child angels.

He saw that all white-robed angel girls carried a lighted white candle with them. After sometime he noticed that a little girl’s candle was not lit. Then he saw that girl with a dark candle was his own little girl. He rushed toward her and seized her in his arms.

He caressed her with love and asked, ” My angel, how is that only your candle is not lit?”

She replied, “Father, they often relight it but your tears always put it out again.”

Just after this man woke from his dream, he knew that what he should do. He would no longer let his darling angel candle be extinguished by his tears.


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