What is the most embarrassing thing you found on someone’s phone?

There was this girl, on whom my friend had a huge crush. He was for like 1 year, trying on her and she too has started giving him signals.

He used to help her every way possible and was her best friend. He was expecting, soon to be her boyfriend (He has to be).

As you know, dreams are ought to be broken. Well, they did break.

One fine day, they went to a restaurant and ordered something. Just then, this girl needed to rush to washroom while he waited at the table.

As it was 10 minutes now, he thought that he should call her, as the order was on the table.

To his surprise, she has left her mobile there only, on the table. As he picked it up, it flashed, “Helper Bhaiya.

P.S: He left without paying the bill.


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