Single argument against de-mone-tization

Democracy is a form of government where there’s no scope for long-term developments, at least in India it’s defined this way.

One thing that should get into our heads is, if the government has taken the big step of demonetization, in spite of the united opposition, in spite of its own political loss in the state elections, in the central elections itself in 2019, then there must be a huge benefit to the country.

All political parties will continue to use this country as a property on lease for 5 years. There will never be a long-term vision for this country because the Vote Bank doesn’t fills like that, in here. It fills in with some cheap and short-term promises. Sorry, but demonization is no such move. It won’t fetch this government, those votes for which parties crave. You see, there’s a bigger picture, we all start to see now.

To all those, who oppose this move, complain of its poor implementation, please, have a look on Venezuela’s attempt of the same. If this government can manage the situation with the world’s second largest populated country, in spite of such huge opposition then, it can handle this country much better than anyone else.


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