Scary stories you never heard (Two Liners)

The 5 best made up scary stories are here.

1. “Papa, I want to have a roller coaster ride.


No cutie, it’s dangerous. 100 people died in this last year in an accident.

But Mom came to meet me yesterday night and she said that I can take the roller coaster ride today. Please, Papa?”

(Her father picked up his daughter and rushed to home. Her wife was one of the 100 people who died last year. He still regret that decision)

2. He put a sleeping pill in her drink.


As she drank it, she exclaimed, “I wish these pills could work on me, I would’ve survived that night.”

3. Six friends went inside an abandoned house to have fun and adventure.


As they reached inside, they were all surprised to see their counterparts lying dead and rotten.

4. He invited all his college friends on his 26th birthday party at a motel on the countryside.

images (81).jpg

They all were having fun when they suddenly saw his girlfriend, crying.

As she told that Ravi has died 2 years back made everyone numb. Even the snacks seemed poison.

5. “Mom, I don’t like this house, I get scared at times. Can we go back to dad’s house, please?”

images (83).jpg

“I told you yesterday, me and your dad have divorced. Didn’t you get that? You only agreed to stay here, yesterday night. Now, what happened?”

Mom, I was at dad’s house yesterday night, remember?”

Pack your bags, son. We’re leaving.”

I hope you liked at least one of them. I made them up myself.


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  1. chainbreakercorporation says:

    That was creepy!

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