Will the BJP win the Indian elections in 2019?

I don’t want BJP to win 2019 Indian elections.

I strongly want that BJP doesn’t wins 2019 elections and believe me so do all the Indians. We really don’t want any change in our country and what we want is just peace in our lives. Moves, like demonetisation are beneficial for the country but who cares, I had to rush to the banks, it’s better to just have a Congress or AAP or any coalition government but not BJP.


You know what’s the saddest part of this story here?

BJP will win it, win again in 2019.

Now, I’ll try to answer the pros and cons, if for the worst it did happen.

PROS (till 2024)

  • GDP Doubled or even more.
  • Better Infrastructures
  • Employment percentage increased by nearly 60%
  • More Opportunities in the country itself (No Brain Drain)
  • Rural Development
  • Metro Project Completion
  • More than 50% Black Money will be under government’s control
  • Stronger Inflation Control
  • Better Marketing Status
  • Value of Indian Rupee much stronger than now as compared to USD
  • More active investors in Indian Market
  • India will emerge as one of the most developed nations
  • 90% stronger Defence conditions
  • 80-90% Digitalisation
  • 60% more Swachh Bharat
  • ISRO and NASA will be synonyms
  • Very easy loans
  • Primary Compulsory Education will be a complete 100%

These are some of the things which India will achieve till 2024 under the BJP led government.

But NO, we don’t want this. What we want is, stability in our lives, which will only come when we have a government which does nothing.

What will I do of DEVELOPMEMT, if there’s a whole in my pocket? (I read this line somewhere)







I hope you understood why BJP will win the elections in 2019 once again and why don’t I want this to happen.

Thank you so much for reading with patience.


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