Who is the top Anti-Modi in India?

Anti-Modi? Well, it’s ME.

I so hate this person and there are some things about him which pisses me off when I hear his name.

My biggest problem with him is that he don’t behave like a politician. Someone should teach him that. He’s a complete new definition to the word Politician. He’s giving a complete new future to the country and if nothing else his attempts are what I hate, I hate him for doing good to my country. He deserves to be hated.

I searched the internet and found out something strange, he did a lot of things since his term, it was all for an Indian. He was concentrating more on Indians than any specific community.

I hate Mr. Modi for all the following things I’ll mention below.

The list goes as follows:

  • Foreign Policy – Major success – Nepal relief – then removal of pro-China Oli as Nepal PM, FDI from Japan China, US, Australia etc of more than USD 70 billion. Pakistan being tackled on Doval policy.
  • Zero corruption- No charge of corruption is ever proved against the central government till now. He gave a corruption free country, at least the attempt towards it is worth praising.
  • GST- Itself a big success story along the whole country.
  • NITI Aayog- Increase state revenues and better governing.
  • Demonetisation- Curbed black money, a major part in the country.
  • Jan Dhan Yojna, PPF, Aadhar Linkage, Better Infrastructure.
  • Moderate Inflation since 2 years.
  • Financial Inclusion, Better Defence Condition
  • Swachh Bharat, Digital India
  • World Yoga Day, Make In India
  • Successful Mars Mission ( the credit of this goes to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam solely)

The list goes on for long but I guess this is enough to understand my purpose or writing this answer.

I don’t think that this guy is even a political leader. He is the worst of them which I’ve ever seen or heard. I mean politicians are not supposed to act like he do.

He acts like my father does, always trying to do best for our family, always trying to raise our standards.I mean he’s not the father of the nation. He should stop thinking about raising the standards of the whole country, laying strong foundations. This country is not his inheritance, he should exactly treat it the way it has to be treated and always the way it had been treated, Like a 5 year property on lease, meant to make maximum out of it.

Let alone for the party, he didn’t even do anything for his own family, his brothers. I mean, is this what political leaders are like? Someone should go and tell him that how to make the best of the power. Why is he busy making a vision of tomorrow for the country?

He’s getting abused everyday, he’s taking the boldest decisions ever taken, he’s giving the country the wings which will let it fly in near future.

Why? This is the very annihilation of the image of the political leaders in India.This guy is not a good leader, he can be a good person but not a leader. Leaders are not supposed to rule like this.

I hope my readers agree with me on many point and I know many will but disagree too. But then, we can discuss it here and let’s share the right info


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