Which are the biggest scams of India?

The way political parties try to increase the distances between two people with the help of weapons. Weapons knows as Religion, Caste, Economic Status.

You know the other day, I read Mr. Awdhesh Singh’s answer about how Reservations can never end in India as they are they only way political parties exist and win.

Is this what we call democracy and are so proud of it? A party ruling just to create enough divisions, is this the idea of democracy.

The biggest scams in India are done by political parties in the name of caste and religion, in the name of rich and poor, in the name of national and anti national.

You really think, a scam is a person or two making large amount of illegal money? No, it’s not. It’s so much more than that. The real scams are not factual but intellectual.

The biggest scam happens when a political party wins elections by appealing a certain caste, certain religion. When it wins, creating enough hatred for one another. Rest all what we hear are just bits of it, the bits which came after dividing us.

It’s a complete win win situation for the political parties and a complete loss to the public, to us. The former has already created best of the divisions they could and at the top making illegal money and us, we’re just remaining with divisions and hatred in our hands.


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