When will girls begin to notice the nice guys?

She’ll hunt a guy, she’ll get a guy, she’ll be with the guy, she’ll get hurt from the guy, she’ll label him a bad guy (in fact every guy). You’ll wipe her tears, she’ll tell you, how lucky she’s to have you. Some days later, she’ll get another guy (for the worst the same last guy), and she’ll tell you how lucky she’s to get him back and you’ll just fuc*ing write musings and poems for her.

She is hurt and so are you. The difference is that she’s hurt because of her bad guy and you of her. She’ll never notice you in the way you want her to.

She’ll notice you after falling, again falling and then once again. She’ll notice the good guy when everyone she do right does her wrong. She’ll notice the good guys after she’s hurt by the bad guys.

The fact that you call yourself a good guy is just 50% truth, the rest of the story will be told from another girl’s side. You see, it’s all relative. The girl who names a guy, a bad guy, is a good guy for another girl in his own script.

So, here’s something for all of those who love someone intently. No matter whatever you think, whatever you want, you end over her, always, hurt. Believe me, she doesn’t mind it, never did she and never will she. She doesn’t mind if you’re a good guy or not, what she’ll mind is the value you give to her which will just repel her from you. It might not be visible and she’ll say that she tells you all her secrets and all but deep somewhere you too know that she’s not gonna be yours the way you want.

All alone you’ll watch her watching her guy. This guy later proves to be the bad guy for her.

Dude, there’s no love in this world, it’s a fuc*ing competition where you won’t survive if you didn’t play it right.

Remember, the last time when you listened to her crying till 3 am, when you had an exam the very morning? Do you still remember the moment when you wished her a happy birthday on the tick of 12pm? Yes, you do and it’s sad to know that they don’t. Well, let me tell you that when all you were doing was preparing the birthday wish to be the best, she was talking to her bad guy on phone. Remember, how her phone said busy when you tried to wish at 12pm? Well, you know where was it busy.

She’ll call you whenever she needs you but will be unavailable when you need her. Why? Because you’re the good guy all this time. She’ll again come to you and ask for apologies and again sing her story to you which you’ll listen for like forever.

The same story repeats and all you get is time, her time, which makes you fall even bad for her and she doesn’t care, not a bit.

You think she doesn’t know that you like her? Bullshit it is. She knows it but doesn’t want to lose her emotional supporter. She knows that you’re the good guy but then she can’t love you because she fears the friendship you guys have will fade away. Is this the reason she gave you last time? Lol, another bullshit.

Forget her and stop chasing. The dog never gets its tail unless he’s fast than light (which it’s not).


Remember, that girl who said that she loved you? Remember, how badly she wanted your relation to work out again? Well, you’re her bad guy and believe me, her good guy is still writing musings like you’re doing.


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  1. Sanyam says:

    Hey Saurav. Exactly all this happened to me (except for the epilogue). And by coincidence, it happened to me exactly during the time you wrote this. I believe there are many more guys like me who are suffering from the same kind of pain. I wish best of luck to all my brothers to survive during all this happening to them and just keep a hope that one day we will find our soulmate and we’ll laugh at our past.


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