What’s going on in a guy’s mind while hugging a girl?

A hell lot of crap. Believe me, there’s a lot more going inside our heads that too, when hugs are so uncommon and overrated in India.

A little insight of it is what I’ve mentioned below.

(In view of hugging a close female friend/ a lover)

  • Should I stoop down a bit more to hug her or my chest level is fine to her?
  • Damn God, she smells awesome.
  • Her hair smells better than my whole deo.
  • She’s so soft and tender. What’s she made up of, cotton?
  • Should I be hugging her for more or is this it?
  • Do I smell bad?
  • Should I hold her a bit more tight or a bit loose?
  • What will I do after the hug, what will i say, how will I face her?
  • Where should I hold her, shoulders or waist?
  • I guess she wouldn’t mind rubbing her back, to make her feel good, I hope she won’t get me wrong.
  • Am I strong enough for her?
  • Will we kiss after the hug? (biggest wonder)
  • Is she too thinking all this as I am?

The list says more or less about how we feel when a girl hugs us. It’s the best feeling to get hugged and believe me, hugs can do wonders.

Thank you and keep hugging your beloved ones, it works, always.


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