What are some secrets that a boy would rarely share with a girl?

Secrets? Is there anything with boys which is not a secret when it comes to a girl knowing them. Okay, we hide a lot of things from you and believe me it is so necessary to.

I’ll just roughly make you count some of them and make sure that you enjoy reading it.

  • We Have Your Records

We do not share this with you but before you’ve even seen us, we know your Bio-Data. We’ve already stalked you down till hell and back to heaven and Earth. We know it all.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or even Google, we’ve searched every link that links to you. It helps us to impress you.

  • We Are Flirty

No matter how much we disagree infront of you, we do flirt initially with every girl and it’s a thing which makes us cool infront of our friends. Also, if you’re interested, we can flirt till the limit you feel it to be love.

  • We Have Multiples

Even if a guy says that he only talks to you and that he has never ever seen a girl like you or something, believe me he’s throwing a line simultaneously to three others. One Woman Guys Are Just Fantasy.

  • We Don’t Care The Specifications

When you ask us that does this dress suits you or not in the malls, the colour matches or not, the footwears go right with your top or not or the worst your earnings are okay with the wrist band or not.

We simply don’t care what’s wrong and what’s right and deliberately have to say that it’s the best. We can’t afford it more.

  • We Love To Flirt With Your Beautiful Friends

I know you’ll be very angry on knowing this fact but then it’s the truth. If your friend is hot we’ll leave no stone unturned to talk to her and flirt at times which is noway good for you to know. We just can’t help it.

  • We Are Hell Possesive

When it comes to being possesive about you believe me we are the worst. We mind you talking to any other guy and we’ll make you feel suffocating till death by our over possesive nature.

You’ll surely be irritated with it but then again we can’t help it. Maybe it’s because we know what boys are and hence we feel insecure.

  • We Love The Way You Make Us Feel Jealous

When you deliberately make us feel jealous about you, believe me nothing is sweeter than that and we won’t tell you that. Maybe on the off chance that we did, you’ll stop it and we don’t want it, we want you to continue with that.

  • We Too Are Emotional

After all we are humans too and that chip of emotions is very well there inside us as in you. We too feel low and emotional at times and we need you to hug us right and listen intently as we do to you. We need you to cry with us, actually to initiate it.

  • We Act As We Own You

You know this thing of treating you like a property is there and they’ll always want your ownership (if they truly love you). If it would have been possible they would have stamped you with their names.

  • We Talk About You With Friends (A Lot)

Your messages of love to us is what everyone reads and the way you pamper us is a talk of the town. We Love sharing your things with our friends and it makes us happy. But for you, its still a secret. No Harm.

  • We Constanly Stalk You

Even after we will be committed together, we’ll stalk you without you even noticing it. We will always know that you liked your ex’s Dp or commented on your crush’s status. We have to know it.

  • We Love You

You see boys are so bad at expressing love, but it no ways means that they compromise with it. If we are committed, we love you alot and it’s the ultimate truth.

Even with all your flaws, you are the best for us and we look forward to make you happy always. Even at times you feel that we don’t love you enough, but that’s not the case, we’re just bad showing it out.

  • We Fear Losing You

This is the biggest thing that a boy hides from his girl. He fears to lose you and wants you to make happier than the day before, he can’t just resist this insecurity and that’s what makes us undeniably the cutest creature.


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