What are some bitter truths about life in India?

The world seems to nudge you and then judge you on every step you make, every breath you take. Some of the facts that I know about are:

  • Being a Muslim, you’ll be the first suspect in a crowd. (It sucks)
  • Inter religion marriage still a big question.
  • Road accidents casualties die on the spot in spite of a large crowd surrounding them.
  • A boy is considered superior to a girl.
  • A child who sketches well is complimented as, “Yeh bachha bahut tez hai, yeh pakka ek bada afsar banega”.

(Translation: This child is really sharp, he’ll definitely be a big officer some day)

  • A girl walking down an empty street alone just wishes to reach home safely, everyday.
  • Not giving money to a beggar is an act of a devil.
  • Talent is a parameter, caste matters more (at times).
  • Capabilities are myth, sources, and bribes matters actually.
  • Never watered a tree, fight for a parking shade.
  • We blame the society, but we are the society.
  • Bollywood movies songs. 😀

Your views are welcome.

Thank you for reading this.


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