Views on the supreme court’s decision to make playing national anthem mandatory in cinema halls.

This verdict of the Supreme Court of India seems futile and unnecessary to me, and at the top of that, it’s mandatory. Great, but it’s not gonna serve any good, get it.

Have you ever heard of a law or order saying that you have to touch the feet of your mother and father every morning? How foolish does it sound?

This is really a very sorry state, not for the people but for our national anthem. It’s a sorry state for those who love it and respect it from the bottom of their soul. It’s a disrespect to their sincerity towards it.

I don’t want 10 people occupying the deluxe seats at the back, cursing the Supreme Court as they have to stand for a full 52 seconds now.

I don’t want any whining and abusing because of the fact that it’s made mandatory. The country is filled with patriots and nationalists but the voids are also filled by the rest.

I wish with this decision, we don’t get to see disrespect of our national anthem in theaters now.

Touching my parent’s feet every morning should be my own decision, it should come from within and not a call of my neighbours.

I hope you know what do I mean.

Thank you.


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