The World Is A Wish Granting Factory

As I was walking through the darkness of midnight across the sea shore, I saw a small dog. The environment was a bit gloomy types but the wind cleared it all.

The Dog was having a limp leg and was sitting quietly on the sides of the shore. Due to bad health condition, it couldn’t move and people just saw him and left, I guessed. The attitude of people towards animals is not satisfactory due to their relationship with their work. The well being of this dog was all I wanted now.

I say besides him and started patting him and he seemed a bit happy with it. I don’t remember for how long I did that as I slept sitting there maybe for a while.

As I got conscious of my condition, I discovered that the dog was there no more. He has gone away somewhere with his limp leg, poor fellow, I thought.

The World Is a wish granting factory and I made one wish. I wished that the dog I was with gets fine soon. As soon as I wished, the dog came In front of me and started to speak.

I don’t know if I was dreaming or was it reality. I pinched myself and found it real. The Dog said, ” You’re a nice man. Many people saw me and walked through. You came and entertained my pain. You’re a diamond in this world. Ask for a wish, it’ll get true for sure.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and what was happening was quite unbelievable for me. As I was thinking of this is even possible, the dog again started speaking, ” You wished for my wellbeing, now it’s the time for yours and your poor family. World Is A Wish Granting Factory, You Just need To Ask It Right.”


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