My Best Internship


Life has never been simple for us, in the event that it was, it wouldn’t have been worth living for.

*Long ago, about 23 years ago (On Earth’s calendar)

*Day 774 (Before Internship started)

I was sitting discreetly at a place not so well known, but rather sufficiently alone to hear myself. As I was getting a charge out of the hush of the universe, somebody came to me, an element, a thought, whose presence is dependably a matter of civil argument here on Earth, a conviction really. This element on Earth is known as GOD.

Thinking about what it brought for me, it was something which I will never forget, I am still a piece of it and assuming my part carefully.

It was an Internship Offer, another adventurous offer, another thought to achieve a one of a kind goal… It was an Internship offer forever, TO GET A LIFE.

All things considered, the thought itself was an energizing one and I so was prepared for it.

The subtle elements of the Internship were as determined beneath:

Part A

*Briefing of the Internship

– Organization: The Universe

– Internship Starting Date: 01st September 1996

– Internship Duration: Minimum 60 years (relies on upon your way of life)

– Stipend and Perks Offered:

1. An arrangement of adoring individuals i.e. A Family

2. Sustenance (obviously)

3. Companions (relies upon your capacity to cooperate)

4. Sentiments and Emotions

5. An Unique Experience

6. A proposal Letter from Us (Creator of Universe)

7. An Offer Letter to be a piece of our overseeing area of Organization (The Universe)

– Internship Offered by: The Universe Creators

Part B

*Answer the following question to be eligible for the Internship.

Ques 1: What makes you think you qualify for this Internship offer? (Max 200 words)

Ans 1: I want this Internship offer badly because………………..


DAY 7357 (Since, Internship Started)

I am neither GOD, nor any messenger of his, if I am something, I am only his next move…and so are you.

As guaranteed in the application handout, I have an exceptionally adoring family, really as well as could be expected to fit me in. I have a portion of the closest companions in this arrangement of universe, and feelings and emotions are what dependably encompasses me, for the great and awful both.

I often gaze at the individual besides me, and wonder the off chances that are they additionally connected for similar Internship offer, had they likewise marked an indistinguishable declaration as I did.

In the event that they additionally have taken after similar strategy then do they likewise ponder on this as much as I do, or are they simply the ideal Interns who wouldn’t fret this.

My Personal View on this Internship:

Since the moment I have begun this Internship, I have been more astounded, more bewildered every single coming day. I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s there in the following day for me.

I don’t know whether each one of my contemplations are really mine or just an implantation of GOD. I often wonder, if I am the one taking decisions of my life, or are these basically controls of GOD, to run this system effectively.

I know a significant number of us are being burnt out on life, being irritated every time about a few or alternate things, expecting more, not getting what we ought to have according to us, and so forth.

We as a whole are a piece of this endless loop which never lets us being cheerful, as our yearnings never end, they generally push their limits after achieving some place, and is there any good reason why they shouldn’t, after all this is life, this is the lovely importance of living.

Indeed, this trip has been the most superb for me and I wish this Internship is the thing that I am offered every single time. It’s not on account of I am unconscious of the rest but rather on the grounds that it’s the best a portion of this framework, this Universe.


Sunsets are my favourite as they force me to believe that everything ends well.

I don’t know how this Journey, an ordeal would end. I don’t know whether it will be justified regardless of the endeavors I made for. In any case, a certain something, I am certain of, that this Life has shown me, is that Happy Endings Do Exists and I expect one for me too, after all stipend is all we are working for.



–Copyright Agreement

This Content thusly is the sole property of the AUTHOR of this blog and basically his fantasy. Any endeavor to replicate this substance for business reasons for existing is at risk to be rebuffed and vital moves might be made against the charged.


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