Are reservations bane or boon to Indian society?

I’ll illustrate my point with a very common example for you to understand the effect of reservations on people, on Indians. We’ll talk about the pros and cons later.

Do you remember the pledge we used to take in our school morning assemblies? How we used to say that all Indians are my brothers and sisters? How we considered all the Indians as a family?

So, assume that your mother cooked Gulab Jamun, and didn’t let you eat them. She kept them for your elder brother. You didn’t say anything. She did it again and once again. Now you’re not liking it. She did it for next 100 times and counting more.

You’re always the one who’s not going to get that Gulab Jamun even when it was cooked in your own home. Is facing this partial nature of your mother easy for you? How would you feel when you face it for the 100th time? How would you feel when she starts doing this also for other things in the house?

Now just replace the thought of Gulab Jamun with opportunities and your brother as reserved categories. Let’s assume that the family can be thought of as our country. Now, just imagine that how do people who don’t get these reservations feels.

When one can not take this thing in the family only, how can we even think of its logical acceptance across the whole nation.

The thing which I wanted to convey here is that reservations only creates divisions. A feeling of inferiority and its counter. A feeling of alienation in one’s own home. A feeling of distress which hampers the development so badly.

I know I’ll get many people who can just debate for hours that how reservations have helped the society and how it was necessary to bring them.

Well, brother I agree with your argument but just answer me a simple question. Is it still not the right time to scrape the reservations? Is it still not the time, when everyone should be given equal opportunities? Really?

Our Constitution says that Everyone is equal before the law. Would someone tell me what does this statement even mean, leave it’s justification? Think before you answer and not just for the heck of it.

Are not reservations just another name for discrimination?

What Indians want is a nation where discrimination ends. A Family where every mother treats her child equal. Are they demanding so much? Are they demanding something out of the box? Think it over.

You can also refer to my article about reservations and how beautiful a world it would be without them.

A World with NO Discrimination || Best Career 360 || Better World

If even one person understands my thoughts, I’ll be glad to know it.


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