Can I kill an attacking wolf with just my bare hands?

RUN (which you wouldn’t be able to for long).

HIDE (you may hide for sometime but eventually the wolf will find you as it has your smell).

REVOLT (you are a human being, supposed to apply your brains not your hands, you’ll lose anyway).

So, above mentioned are 3 possible ways a normal human would think of to get his life saved from a wolf when he is bare handed. Wait, I didn’t say he/she will get saved but only think they will. The truth is you are killed.

Now, I’ll tell you that what exactly will happen when you’ll be choosing and applying any of these three techniques. I’ll tell you how you will take your last breath, when blood will be all you’ll smell.



You’re running wildly. The wolf has already seen you, and you wish you outrun him. Very well, but the world is not a wish granting factory. You’ll surely meet your fate which is nothing else but your death, your wild death.

The moment the wolf has locked the target of your name, that’s it, you’re already dead and it’s just the formality which is left. In the next ten or 12 seconds with a ferocious jump over you, it will take you by you collar. Game Over.



I’m assuming that you cleared your first step i.e. you ran to some distance and hid yourself (the most I could assume) somewhere.

The mere thought of hiding from the devil brings in goosebumps, let alone the actual situation. If the wolf has seen you once and then you were able to hide, congos, you’ve already saved the next 5 minutes of your life.

Wolves have a great capability of smelling and remembering those smell. It has your smell and hence you. It’s just kidding with you now.

The fact that you’re sweating like a pig till now because of tiredness and high adrenaline levels in your body makes you more vulnerable to get caught. Your heavy breathing, the increased temperatures in your surroundings is more than enough to know your location. It will sooner or a little later than sooner hunt you down. Hunt you down for never to hide again.

P.S. Believe me, it will be worse than the 1st case. You’ve made him put in some more efforts which it’ll reciprocate on you now. Wait, The Worst is yet to come.



I’m assuming that you didn’t chose option 1 or 2 or you chose any or both of them and have reached to a stage where the option 3 seems only choice left (it will be).

Now, you’ve tried running and hiding and nothing has worked for you and the wolf is standing right in-front of you now. What to do?

If you’re still thinking something, I’d suggest stop it. You’ve already wasted enough time of yours and enough calories of the wolf. Now, it deserves your flesh, your blood is what will quench it’s thirst.

Still, as you’ll fight every drop of bravery left in you, it’s gonna end shabby. The moment it’ll jump to grab your neck, you’ll remember your Judo or Karate or Jijitsu lessons. You’ll remember a special move of past which will be yours last for sure.

The move won’t get you any fruit and you’re dead already. Your chest had been ripped a hundred times and every stain of blood in you is rinsed. All you can smell now is blood, your blood.

P.S. I know it was ugly but then this is how it would end for you, ugly and hurtful.

My advice, refrain roaming in jungles alone in nights. Lol.


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