Token of Love

You know what I feel…. I feel like you are so perfect with all those imperfections…. imperfections which you’ll get through …. Because YOU ARE STRONG….
The fact that you never ever fail to amaze me…. Everyday, every single moment there is something new in you that makes me love you even more than the moment before….
I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a bonus (Line from The Notebook). It just so suits you.

There’s a saying that we fall in love by chance, but we stay in love by choice…. There it is… Your beauty of character, you as a person…. It’s such a strong reason to keep loving you…. and now…what I have for you….what we have with each other….. I dont want it with anyone else….

I may not be your first Love, first kiss, first sight or whatever but I want to be one…and then leave it to me…. I’ll make sure that I’m the last…

It seems like in You, I’ve found my imperfections perfect…. since the day you’ve came, I never desired to have anything else…. This proves that what you are as a person… Since the day you’ve come… I’ve started to remain Happy, your one call…be it everyday….brings in me goosebumps….. No matter how much hard the things will be, as soon as I’ll hear you…. I know it will b all fine… and it feels so good…

I dont even know if you’ll be able to connect to my feelings while reading this…. but it’s my heartfelt message…. One thing which I’m clear of is….That my favourite place in the world would be to be besides you… Since you’ve walked into my life, now I know why it didn’t work up with anyone till now….


Note: The content above is the sole property of the author and subjected to copyrights.

Author : Saurav Rathore


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