You Knew That

Admit it, you knew that. All that time when you were pulling the rope,  you knew it…. Telling and yelling at yourslef all the way…. You were very aware that you are not gonna get it. This would not end up on something very great,  still you went for it. It was like the only thing in your mind all that time. It was the like the only height you ever wanted to reach.

The person you loved so much, the person whom you wanted so badly to be with you. They never ever happen to be with you but all that you can think was to be with them but as you know it could not happen. It’s not because your effort was less or wasn’t worth but beacuse it was not destined to be that way.

You know why that happens? I think you all have the very answer with you. It is beacuse there’s something for which you can wake up every moring and struggle for. If everything was that easy to get, then there would have never been that passion for it. The worth comes with the struggles you made for it.

It works right for us and it should because everything is not meant for us as we want it to be there. Therer are things which we could never ever reach possibly but they will be the one who’ll keep us motivated all the time that has  it’s not limit yet  there’s soemthing still wavering in the sky which I wanna try for.

Who knows you’ll and up landing there but remember my friend he sky has just not ended. Look around and you are some more wavering stuff which attracts you like anything and YOU KNEW THAT!



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