Best Wishes

When Life throws you Lemons, make Lemonade!
It’s not much time since we’ve met, it’s not much as a person that I know. The thing so sure which you should get is that I will never ever let you go.
Hey, you… Yes, you. The World’s most beautiful girl I know, the best of the person I have ever come through. I do not know if the words would suffice what you are for me. It’s not about how much I want to write about you, it’s all about how much I really mean it.😚😚

Times may pass by, ages may span but I will always be there for you. Whenever you need me as a friend, right before you. If you need a shoulder, count me in. You need a joker, call me and at the last, if you need someone just me, I am there, very beside you.
I know it’s YOUR birthday and I should write more about you. But then What I am really afraid of is that will my words really mean what I do. Will they really be able to convey what you are?😁😁

Let me try a bit though.
So, it starts with the start (it has to). The very first sight of yours and the very last too….. stands the same for me. It’s not because you look that bad but because I am good in this. I never saw you like with a second glance, it was just the first one which was more than enough to tell you. You are a gem of a person and really I have to confess that you were the best thing that could ever happen to me. I am glad you did.😗
You know what I feel when I am with you? You know how much it means to me, to be with you?
Words can’t say but I am sure you understand well.
All the things we did till now are one of the best memories for me and all those which we are going to make from now will be epic believe me. It’s like something different when you are with me. I am like, I don’t have to fake myself in front of you. I can just behave like a child and you be like, this guy is MAD. I love it and every scolding from you is what I love to get. 😢

I know I get mad at you at times on small things, actually pity things.
One last thing which I want to request you heartily is that Please, don’t change. Please be what you are. You are a one in a million or maybe a billion, for me, your friends and your family. The world really needs people like you. People who don’t try to fake things out. People who always listen to their heart. People who respect other’s feelings.
Be so, don’t change, for no one. I am literally in awe of the things you do and count me as your no. 1 Fan…. 😇

I am glad you were born and it really is a special day.
A very Happy Birthday to you, may you live long and live strong.
(By the way, I am always there to ensure that)

Author: Saurav Singh Rathore

Note: The content produced hereby is the sole property of the author and any attempt to reproduce it is an offense. References might be taken.



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  1. nitishblogs says:

    Wow…… u are sooo lucky … !!

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