Say NO to Reservations.

Discrimination’, the very word can mean the annihilation or the dis comfortsome individual or a group of people may face which can be based on anything fromsex, religion, caste or any sort of issue that leads to a differences between people. These stereotypes exists in our societies since the very beginning of mankind.Wait, is it right to said that they existed? Is it right to keep on blaming our ancestors or even their ancestors for creating such stereotypical societies? No way would it be right to do so. We created discrimination and we are the one who are supplementing it in every way possible for us.

India being one of the developing nationsis currently facing many of the challenges and the let me tell you that Reservations is the major one amongst them. The very mirror of discrimination is reservations in these days.
Don’t agree? Do you think I am talking weird and do not really make sense. Then be with me and I’ll make sure that your perspective about the word ‘discrimination’ changes wholly. 

It’s been how long since you’ve faced any kind of discrimination? Be it of anynature, kind or intensity if you have really faced it and you know what does it feels like to be discriminated. I know it’s a big problem for us to eradicate this discrimination but the irony is that we are unknowingly increasing it. It’s we who arecreating the partition in some or the other ways which we don’t realize often and even if we do realize, we do not react to them just because we take them as granted and things don’t really matters to us (unless it’s concerned to us).

Let’s take the example of Women reservations. I know women are to be respected and should not to bediscriminated on any of the parameters as to men. They are equally able and move shoulder to shoulder with them.
The funny thing that comes into picture now is that women can talk all the way about Woman Empowerment and still demands reservations.

Women’s Reservation Bill is a pending bill in the Country which proposes to amend the Constitution of India to reserve33 per cent of all seats in the Lower house of Parliamentary house, the Lok Sabha and in state legislative assemblies for women.

Some women may agree to me to the fact that women reservations is not a good idea as it only further strengthens the discrimination fact amongst men and women. It only makes society to realize that women need reservations, which makes it difficult for the society to accept it.

Someone may argue that due to this discrimination some strata of the societies need reservations to grow and come forward but then my friend, anyone can claim this and the example isJat Reservations which had some very harmful effects on the nation. It’s undoubtedly true that many more groups can arise due to these mis-happeneings in the country.

In a country like India, where the country has already been divided on numerous backgrounds, are we ready for another such division?

Another example which I want to bring to your concern is the reservations for the backward castes which were accepted under the social conditions just for theperiod of ten years initially but were continued since then till now and sorry but no hope of ending these can be seen. It has been a tool for some political parties to get some odd votes.

The effects of these reservations are very in front of us. The Jat Reservations billbeing passed and the face it took in the country, we all are well versed of it. The harm it made to the country isirreplaceable and further motivated some other groups to do the same thing when required to.
Are we really talking about a society, a country which is free of discrimination or are we creating one?
After that people come and talk all the way about why the engineers, doctors are not serving their own country and working for some other countries.

Ask yourself, ask your governing system ,have you given them a chance? Do theyreally seek anything from the country other than reservations? Do they really feel that their talents would be recognized in the crowd of these people who only demand reservations at the first place? It’s a sorry condition for the country and for the people.
Equality has just remain a word to use for some activities which only kills it. Every damn thing which has brought inequalityhas been done on the name of bringing equality in the society. What people see is their personal interests at the moment and not the way it would hamper the society, the country.

If we really want to develop, thenreservations have to go… not from oursystem of governance or from the society itself  but from our own minds. The belief that we all are equal and can compete with each other without anyaffiliations of reservations and hence no discrimination would ever come into scene.
What’s most important is the belief ,to be equal to everyone.

Thank You.


The Content hereby doesn’t officially/unofficially means any kind of emotional or situational harassment of any part of society and can not be judged on any basis under any coincidences. Queries are welcomed and any unnecessary arguments would not be entertained.

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Author: Saurav Singh Rathore

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