6 Reasons Why Engineer May Fail…


An Engineer’s life is full of ups and downs and they really don’t know a possible way to improve upon it, don’t know whether they really want to improve upon their conditions or not. Every engineer (every) is being frustrated with their life due to some or the other reason and it severely effect on their lives which is a full punchnama and leads them to fail in several aspects of life mainly studies.
The best has been tried to jot down some of the very common reasons as to why an engineer may fail in his life (failure is a relative term here which depends on person to person):

1) Lack of sleep

It is a well-known saying and belief that engineers don’t sleep. Even if they do, they don’t have any kind of time table for it and at times it’s just a sleep of an hour or two which no ways can suffice the needs of a normal human body (except a superhuman which they believe themselves to be). Sleeping at 3 am and waking at 7 am is what a time table can be thought of for them. It severely affects the body and the results too (spare me for the exam night studies, it’s most useful 😜).

2) Lack of Interest

No matters what you have to say but believe me Interest matters and that when you’re studying in an engineering college where you have to go through all kind of technological things and some really shitty things which could not be operated upon without any interest whatsoever.

3) Family expectations

Expectations are what we are all living upon. At times we expect things from others, maybe favours or their duties to be completed by them or some expectations from us made by people around us. We all are bounded of expectations. For an engineer it works as an inhibitor (for some) and for others it might work as a source of inspiration but as per me it mainly brings in pressure and a bit of extra load which somewhere hampers the performance.

4) Neighbour syndrome

Never heard of it? Well, I formulated it right now. It would simply mean, the effect of our neighbours (friends) maybe good or bad. Our friends affects us and our lifestyles too much. A simple logic is that if he/she is not studying then why should I? When he/she doesn’t care about the exams, why do I? This comparative analysis in an engineer’s life play an important role (negative mostly). It implies that your company matters a lot.

5) Wi-Fi: Boon or Bane?

Internet offers a wide scope for the development of mind and interaction with the world. An engineer takes these two really seriously (more than needed). When it comes to development, then in an internet session of 5 hours, it’s hardly 20 minutes they do something worth the penny. Interaction would simply mean facebooking, chatting, YouTube, and others (can’t really say 😜). It doesn’t means that Internet is bad for engineers but it can be one of the reasons for a failure.

6) Love-Mania

Someone said that if you want to get destroyed then love someone, it will become easy for you. That someone is no one else but a general observation made. I’ve seen a lot of boys and girls (rarely) being into this shit all their engineering life and it somewhere effects on their performance and if it is a one sided relation then the results are hectic. In a ratio of 1: 10 of girls and boys, it is the most difficult part to get a girl you love or make a GF actually. If not taken care at right time, effects are dangerous 😜😜.

These reasons are not every engineer’s diet and there are some really great, enthusiastic engineers who concentrate on what they’re supposed to (rare species). If these 6 reasons are taken into care then any one can succeed and according to me it is not easy, please don’t expect it to be.

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NOTE:  The above mentioned points are just possible causes for a failure at one’s personal level. It does not criticizes a certain practice or anyone. The content is produced for entertainment purpose and no issues would be entertained. Any attempt to reproduce the content hereby would lead to stringent actions and is the sole property of the Author

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