Engineering Ka Punchnama

 Punchnama Starts

Engineering……. sounds like the heaviest word on Earth. It’s undoubtedly true that an engineer is the only person who has all kinds of possible ‘Jugad’ in this world. Their Punchnama is undoubtedly at the first position… It has to be.
An engineer’s Jugads are what makes the world more alive and a kind of place to live in, to sustain in, to breathe in…. Still, no one knows the shit behind their shitty lives.
An engineer can make up to be the best friend, his/her sense of humor is what no one can match and his awesome presence of mind is unparalleled. They can be highly emotional on the one side and an exceptionally well sarcastic person on the other. They all have numerous experiences which will make you laugh out Loud…. This is what we term as Punchnama …… ‘Engineering Ka Punchnama’.

Did I say more? Did all this really goes for an engineer….? Then who the hell is going to face the ‘Punchnama’ of his life? What about all those times when he really struggled hard to become an engineer?
That journey of a sweet, passionate (just in minds and nowhere else I guess) child….. All those struggles which he faced during this…. It all shows what mettle he/she is made up of.
This journey of Punchnama is what these Engineers and the world would remember for ages as every single moment in these 4 years means an exciting moment.
If somehow you tend to miss even a single moment of these so called Engineers, then I am telling you, you are missing a great part of your life.

This PUNCHNAMA is worth explaining but then we can always share each of that memory with you and try our best to keep up with your expectations.
We’ll surely try our best in reviewing each and every moment of an engineer’s life here but then suggestions are to be kept at the first place…. Because it starts from you… and hence you are our so called GOD.

Our Products:


  1. Hostels Life ‘Fun’
  2. Lecture Hall ‘Tamasha’
  3. Examinations ‘Chu*iyapa’
  4. Girlssssssss ‘Siyappa’
  5. Attendance ‘Proxies’
  6. Mess Ka ‘Khana’


By now, you would have understood the fact that we are all a team of  these Punchnamas and we know it at the best level. Wherever, whenever it will exist… It will certainly be here…. at Engineering Ka Punchnama.


Love your time with us and let us know how we can improve on this Punchnama. Why would you help us…???
Okay, give us a reason why you won’t? Of course we’ll recognize your sincere efforts and reward you suitably. After all, it’s your Punchnama dude…. Let The World Know.


Any Queries, ask us… we are here for you and you are the most welcome person for us. 
Thank you.

Saurav Singh Rathore


For more refer to: Engineering Ka Punchnama


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