Happy Colors

Holi….  The festival of colors which brings out the real colors of us in form of joy and happiness.  It doesnt matters as to in what mood you are,  what all hardships you are facing in life….  this festival brings a new morning of hope ,  a new chance to all for making a new start.

Festivals are the best chances to bring in some much needed changes in our lives which otherwise would have been a big taboo for us. We are afraid at times to try or attempt for something that will let us come out of the boredom of our lives.  Festivals that too Holi,  gives us all chances to improve ourselves and show the world what we really are.

The festival of colors worldwide known as HOLI has a vast historical and mythological background and a major festival for the Indians. On this day ,  Prahalad was being attempted to burn by his father Hiranakashyap but her sister Holika herself got burnt and Prahalad was saved. Hence,  on this account each year Holika is being burnt and colors are played the next consecutive morning.

This Holi may bring a big success to all and of course a lot of happiness to each one of you. Celebrate it and dont try to color the animals. Happy Holi



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