Are You Confused?

It’s a matter of concern and if not then it should be. Living all the way like a suspension in not worth. It would surely not lead us to any place worth deserving and sorry but we’ll be the only one responsible for this. Sounds weird?  Well,  it should sound to you like that.

Not able to make up a one sided minded is a very general problem these days and affects us adversely…  I mean it.

Let’s talk about you….  How many times have you taken your decisions…. your very own decisions without a second hesitation?  Without even thinking the causes and effects and all that stuff that would be there once you took that decision.  No matter what the situations are you did only what you wanted to and never ever cared a damn for what the 2nd person has to say….  Have you ever done all this?  Have you….  Really?

Well, to be very true…  Its difficult,  its Noway easy and neither should it be. If it would have been so easy we would be having a large crowd of successful people around every nook and corner. It’s difficult and one has to sweat for it.

No matter how much big your goal is….  After all its a goal and its yours now so you will have to unturn every stone possible to make it happen….  but wait…..  Was it your goal?  Were you the one who wanted this?  Were you the person who wants this to happen badly?  Do you mean this…?

Believe me,  if you can convince yourself you can win this world. This is how you will succeed and people have since a long time.  Times may have changed but the secret to success didn’t change.  People do things differently and succeed but firstly they succeed in themselves.

The feeling that they CAN…  The desire that they HAVE to….  The confidence that they WILL…  This is the recipe of an ideal DECISION and a decision made with these parameters in mind would never lead you to a suspended pathway.  You’ll find yourself surfing for the shore not for the sake of surfing.

So when it all depends on us only,  why not try our best and show it to yourself that Yes you are worth all this and you too can have your share into this world for what you deserve to have.

Stay Happy Stay Connected .


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