Will Waiting be WORTH??

Will Waiting be WORTH…??? Will it ever give you back anything in return?? If not, then why to do it? Why to just keep on waiting for someone when you don’t even know if they will ever come back to you? The worse fact is when they don’t even know about your existence. It hurts to hear this but mostly is true.

All those times when you were all by yourself and no one was there with you…. to smile, to cry, to make you stand in this world. Is it worth to face for that one person who doesn’t even know you or claims it? Will it be right to harm yourself, destroy your very own existence at the cost of something that has no existence for them? Certainly NOT!

We have a thousand and more good reasons to live, to do what we like to do…. what makes us happy, our families happy. No matter how old we go, our families are the one who will always be with us and will love us at every instant of our lives. Living for them would not be a bad deal I guess. Those lovely people who made you see the world as soon as you came in it would always be more worthy than that one person for whom you’re ready to destroy yourself.

Saying that you waited is no big deal. No one would believe this and actually, it doesn’t matter to anyone that what you’ve done all this time. If it really matters to them, then they wouldn’t have left you at the first time. If it doesn’t matter to them, why the hell it matters to you? Self-esteem and self-worth are the things which make us. Keep on waiting and no one cares for you. Stop waiting and start working… You’ll find the same people behind you. 

No one wants to have losers in their lives. Even if they will be with you tomorrow all they have to face is sorrow because of your bad habit to stay at a point if you didn’t get what you want to have. Life is all about moving and making new stories every moment…. stories of success, of joy and happiness, of times which you cherish and are proud to talk about in future. 

So stand up and never ever give anyone a chance to attack or harm your personality. People may come and they may go but you should go on forever and that’s what is going to make you, REAL YOU, a Happy You.



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