Tomorrow never comes… Really?

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Have you ever given it a thought? Anyone of us ? 
Have you ever thought what or how it would be like to wake up without a next day, to wake up in the same Day again and again ?
Can You imagine what a hell complex it would make in this world for us?

Okay, Let us assume that you are the one with some kind of special boon that you do not have to face the Tomorrow and you would simply wake up in the same day after you slept in the night….. What would you feel like?
Would it be a good feeling, an awesome one or a thing that you should be worried about?

If you ask me, then yes…. I would be on the top of this world if it were to happen to me. I would believe myself to be the most luckiest person on this Earth. I would have to blog again and again on the same Day and sooner I would have been in the Limca Book of world records maybe to be the first person to make a thousand posts in a single Day.

I would do each and everything I ever wished to. No matter how much good or bad I would have just done it because I know that no matter what but somehow I would just wake up the next Day with the same morning Date on my calendar. I would be the only person on this Earth who would have attained perfection in one or the other thing because I would be knowing everything in advance. I would be the GOD of the Day…

I could simply predict everything around me happening or going to happen in a while just because I’ve lived this Day a many times and I know what all this day has for me and people around me maybe.
Be it the Chirping of the birds to the first drop of the rain that strikes the soil this day would all be under my verdict now.

Even If I would have liked to visit a Girl or a crush of mine… I would have met her and asked her some things about her and then next day ( for her, for me it would be the same day) I would have surprised her telling all that about her to her and would have won her heart likewise in a few Days maybe. I would have known each and every bit of her from her only day by day and keep on being the same as she desires the next day without even letting her know about it.

These things fantasize a lot and would be much more fun if were to happen too. Thinking about only the positive side would lead you to desire this Day much more badly than anything.  Still, what we forget is that each coin has a second face too. There would be many demerits of this  boon and you would certainly realize yourself if you give it a deep thought….

So, what are they?
What can be wrong if the same day repeats again and again for me?
It would be wrong. Life is all about Changes, be it good or bad… it never stops. As someone has rightly said that Even if you are on the right path, you will get run over by someone if you stopped moving. If the same day repeats again and again then no doubt life would be no more a nice place to live in. You will desire that this day just ends somehow. You will just wish that when you wake up the next morning your calendar read the next consecutive day. No matter what the change is ,you would desire the change to be there.

Sooner or later you would come to realize the importance of seasons… you would be the one who once wanted to live in this standstill and now wants to move on. The desire would subtle.
The seasons would not change, the same old day would be all what you would be having with you…. You would enjoy it all….maybe for  a day, a month or at maximum some couple of months, that’ it.

Life is a cycle which would only end when it would keep moving. The invaluable experiences is what the life is constituted of. So cherish what you have because no one knows If There’s no tomorrow.


Thank you for reading it all.
Saurav Singh Rathore


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