Rathore blogs
New ME


Moving to something new is always fun but a bit difficult too if you are setting for the same thing from starting… I mean a all new start from where you begin miles ago have been the same initial point once again where you find yourselves pondering over again.

Okay, I know I might be over reacting it because it is not that bad. Having a blog of yourself is no bad thing however. At least now I can better control because its on my own domain and everything here is mine.

I am sure I will be able to make up soon with all those traffics I used to get in my old blog where I use to blog like anything and had made some good blogger friends too. Its a new start so let me cry all my past… Haha.
After this only good memories would be the things I would be seen doing.

Wish me Luck and thanks for reading me in this situation.

Stay Happy , Stay Connected.



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