It’s YOUR Day…



The most baffling question these days is that how much better do you know yourself. If you think that you do quite well know yourself, then be ready. This one won’t leave you such easy to ponder again over it.
Let us start with some introspection today…!!!
Do you take very long to decide what you want to do?
Are you not sure or confident enough of yourself ?
Do you even believe that yes you can ?
Are you answering these questions the way they should be or just that you are making a fool of yourself?

Even if you tried to fool all this time answering these very straight questions, it would not lead you to anywhere worth. This vicious circle of lie will always make a trap for you whenever you will be needed to prove yourselves.
Did someone just prompted that why…. Why should we prove ourselves to someone?
Yeah, its a very good point you made or if you didn’t , then you should have.

I know , I have always preached you all to be all by yourselves… be it in my LET THE WORLD SAY…. or my HOW DOES IT MATTERS… all I have taught or tried to make you learn is that we should not prove ourselves to someone just for the heck of it.

I am sure if you would have taken those articles seriously then you would have seen much changes in yourself which you would have never managed to get if you would have been simply concerned all the time about others… their opinions, their choices, their interests…. In whole of your life, they were the people who would be governing you indirectly . But no, things changed and they did for good certainly.
Still  the point here is that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME …. If you can do something to show yourself…. To assure yourself only that yes, I can do this… I can very well do this…. Then yes, this attitude is required friends. This attitude is what makes us… Real Us.

Come on, go out in the Sun and face the heat of it…. sweat like a pig and work hard like a donkey…… Even if you don’t get what you desire to have instantly , don’t worry….. We don’t believe in MIRACLES to happen… and only miracles  can give you some good results in some odd seconds…. If you need to do it yourself, then it would take time, but meanwhile the journey would be worthwhile. You would come to know the real you…. You will come to know your strengths,your weaknesses…. and overall it will develop your skills, a positive attitude…. the desire to learn and moreover makes you a good person , a good human. When you do some hard work , you realize that what others would have faced to reach such a milestone… You start to value their work and grow some respect for their talents.The same respect would be yours one day.

So, stand up and forget all those things which stops you, which makes you weak…. which does not lets the real you come out of you. Just go for it and make the best out of waste now. This day is all yours and you are not going to miss even an instant of it to make it work for you….
Bang Bang and all the best in future life. 🙂
Thanks and Stay Connected. 🙂


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