If I don’t show, doesn’t mean I dont know

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It’s not easy to be YOU each and every time you want to be. It’s not always that easy to express what you want to express in front of someone. It’s not always within your limits and when you decide to give up explaining for things you wished to be right and let the second person make perceptions on his own. We all are well acquainted with these things and can not neglect their validity in our own lives.

No one knows what You have to say in your defense and what was your offense at times unless you show them by the virtue of your voice or emotions but you do. What no one knows is about those people who can pretend to be happy all the way in their lives and never ever show what the shit they are going through. They never complain about things or do not blame anyone for what wrong is happening with them. They never show out the pain that is deep inside them.

A newly born child may not be able to show the Love and affection he has for his parents but yes its there. He/she loves them but just could not show out. The Child laughs, cries and tries to express in various ways but just because he could not speak and hence could not speak does not denies that he doesn’t want to.

When this Child grows and becomes a one-sided lover who just not expresses his LOVE to his/her Lover or is not able to for some reason…. Maybe because he’s too shy or too afraid to confess it. Maybe this child fears of losing them but the love is there.

This Child becomes an Old person and just wants to have the affection of his/her Children and his/her Grand Children. This Child would neither speak for it nor would demand it.

If these people do not show, does not means they don’t know… They express in not a so similar way as others do….explicitly but they do have feelings and only real hearts can see this and understand them. They need someone to reciprocate to these feelings.





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