Why to pretend…!!!

I don’t want to be happy on the price of a fake smile. I don’t want to be a part of a fake world which persists around me. I just am fed up of all fake things and no more am I gonna continue in this.

Yes, I have the right to be happy,not to be dependant on anyone, not asking anyone for any kind of favours. I just want to see if I can sustain myself or would I be as Strong as I think I ought to be. I just want to test myself that Do I exist in this world if no one is there to support me. Am I a self sustaining system or just that I’ve to still depend on people and their causes governing my happiness.

They say If you can not make yourself happy, you can never make anyone else happy too. I’ve got to ask you that why do I’ve to make someone happy? Why do someone have to depend on me for their happiness? Why do I have to?

The world is full of selfish people and they need to be there. The selfish nature makes us strong, it makes us to realise what we actually want. Being selfish helps us to make ourselves happy at any cost. No matter how many times you need a source of happiness , if you can act selfish, you always can bring about a necessary change in your life. A change for good, for our good.

Unless you are not pretending to be happy, no cause is wrong for it. Unless you can search a source of happiness for you ,yourselves…. there’s no way of living a life. Living just for the sake of living would earn you nothing.

Only one life , make the maximum of it…. Try every thing you can and make the best of it. Why the hell we need to PRETEND. Pretending is equivalent to offending yourselves and we won’t do it. No way……


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