Yes, I’m Selfish…

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Yes, you heard it right and I would say it a thousand times more. I am a damn selfish person in this damn world and I am so happy being one. Does it matter to you? Does it matter to anyone in this world? Certainly not, neither it should.

I love myself and that every little thing which relates to me in any other way. Why do I have to pretend everytime that I am not so abnormal ? Why do I have to always prove to others that I am the same as everyone? No, I am not and I am damn proud of this fact.

We came in this world as an unique identity and surely we all have to be unique in some of the other way. The fact that when we start to prove ourselves to people , we start to live an artificial life which is simply not ours.

I am no NORMAL PERSON as everyone expects me to be. I am ME as you are YOU. I will do what I want to do and expect you too to do what you can. This way we would be doing the best things we could do. We could bring the best out of us if we just followed out hearts rather than some stereotypical things in our socities.

When we make someone else’s dreams out pathway , we only destroy ourselves. At times our parents impose their desires indirectly on us. Apparently , we too start to live their dreams or in a similar way our societies affect us very much. We just don’t see what we want or to be more clear we don’t want to see because of being so busy in making someone else’s dreams come true.

Destruction starts from the very moment you start to deny your own voice. It starts when you start to believe in others belief. It strikes later in our lives when we look back and just can exclaim to what have happened to us. That moment is of sorrow, regret but now we know it’s too late to pursue what we want.

So, let us make this fact very clear that no matter what the world has to say about us, our work, our interests or   disinterests we won’t mind it. No matter how much dumb we seem to them, no matter how much criticism we would have to face for it….. We’ll do what we want.

We’ll walk in our own shoes.


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